International Secretariat

The International Secretariat of Amnesty International is led by a team of Senior Directors headed by the Secretary General. The Senior Directors work closely with the directors and deputy directors of the IS’ programmes (departments) and together they provide strategic direction, operational management and direct support to the secretariat’s staff and volunteers. They also work closely with the directors of Amnesty International’s local chapters.

Amnesty International’s International Board, formerly known as the International Executive Committee (IEC), is elected democratically by our biennial International Council Meeting (ICM). The International Board provides guidance and leadership for the Amnesty International movement worldwide and meets regularly throughout the year.

The Secretary General is the operational leader of the movement, acting as its chief political adviser and strategist, its chief spokesperson and the chief executive officer of the International Secretariat, which carries out the majority of our research and campaigning work. A team of Senior Directors is responsible with the Secretary General for the leadership of the International Secretariat. Meanwhile the Secretary General’s Global Council is a volunteer forum that brings together leaders in the arts, business and philanthropy to work together to further human rights.