Local Groups and School Clubs

AI Malaysia’s local groups play a critical role in supporting our campaigns and events. Join a group of vibrant fun loving activists and help change the concept of human rights in the country from the ground up. 

The activities carried out by our local groups are constantly in tangent with our campaigns and provide us with the necessary viral effect on all events. Forming a vital pillar in our orgnanisation this network of people from all walks of life is growing rapidly and is often reflective of the country’s future in human rights standards.

We offer lots of support to our local groups and school clubs. Drop us an email to find out how you can join a local group or start one. Contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Amnesty International Malaysia Local Groups/School Clubs are groups that operate at a common geographic area or community level and are made up of members that meet regularly in order to plan and implement their activism commitments. Our active local groups are:

  • Penang Local Group
  • Ipoh Local Group
  • Sunway School Club (Sunway University College, Subang)
  • ISKL School Club (The International School of Kuala Lumpur)
  • BAC Club

Role of local groups and school clubs

  • Carry out activities such as actions, campaigning, human rights education, recruitment of members and engaging supporters
  • Take part in AIM decision-making: attending Annual General Meetings and participating in selected working groups/committees
  • Provide Amnesty with the opportunity to “multiply” its message, and to reach out to individuals and spaces at an increased scale
  • Make Amnesty locally relevant and contribute to impact at local level