Summary of minutes via Whatsapp (Amnesty Board) from 12/4/18-31/7/18

  1. Include J into the governance email group and some hiccups experienced.
  2. Updates on interviewing candidates for “Campaign Assistant”.
  3. R’s presence in ILG both members and committee WhatsApp group as he is a committee member too and board unanimously voted him to be removed.
  4. P’s letter(courier) returned as ‘unclaimed’ and discussion on to either hand deliver, invite him to office for self-collection or re courier without registered. His letter was emailed first. Upon checking by the secretariat, it was found that the address provided by P was a housing area committee address.
  5. Optional board meeting dates set for 2/5/18,7-9pm in AIM office.
  6. Code of conduct for membership attending press conference and IA (internal auditors) revealed by chair.
  7. Getting external auditor to look at our financial report first then IA.
  8. Discussion to include a section on board in AIM website.
  9. R’s “show cause” letter was posted 17/4/18 and should reach him either 26th or 27/4/18.
  10. Chair shared that AIM AGM 2018 is set on 4/8/18, Secretariat (participants of P’s illegal AI WhatsApp group chat) removed P from the said group chat by advising the group participants that P is no longer a member with AI, received 8-page handwritten letter from R explaining himself and made assumptions about P and others, P included D and V into his group chat to discuss his “show cause” letter. The group name is “AI reunited”. Ipoh members in his group chat too (N, S, Su). P took contact numbers from the attendance sheet and membership forms at AGM 2017 or meetings without anyone’s knowledge. This is violation of the PDPA (personal data protection act). Chair will email personally to each member on the WhatsApp group asking them to leave that illegal group after N matched the contact numbers to their email and board unanimously voted “green light” to the draft message as a matter of urgency to address the group chat.
  1. P’s show cause letter was revealed by chair and board unanimously voted to terminate his membership because despite being show caused, P went ahead to create an illegal AI WhatsApp chat group and did not reply to the letter which is assumed as an admission of guilt whereby the penalty takes effect.
  2. V translated (politics etc.) P’s audio from his WhatsApp group chat.
  3. Further discussion after interim board meeting via Skype disconnected pertaining to the atmosphere in Ipoh after R’s issue where P shared that ILG members said we should consult IS in show causing as it was the first in AIM.
  4. Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior (environmental ship and campaigning tool) docked at Port Klang and AIM were invited for a special tour. It was their campaigning period.
  5. “Art for grabs” volunteers A, V, S and J.
  6. Board communicates through the chair and secretariat communicate through E.D
  7. Board unanimously voted on purchasing new laptops for secretariat
  8. Mandatory 4th board meeting on 24/6/18.
  9. Chair and Gwen attended lunch at Mexican ambassador’s house.
  10. Co-opting S (ILG) as IA replacing R not good option because they have to care for ill spouse. Another option was LCH.
  11. Discussion on UNCAT (possible ratifications with reservations), DP, Sedition act etc.
  12. Intro of new AIM t-shirt.
  13. Possible SEAPRO in KL. Will look into the logistics further.
  14. “Buka Puasa event” attended by A, S, V, D, and J.
  15. S’s project- “growth video” (released 5/6/18) and AI’s 1st HR passport (S & R)
  16. Discussion of items to be on the next board meeting agenda.
  17. Communicating the death of C (ILG) who left on 13/6/18.
  18. Final optional board meeting confirmed 18/7/18,7-9pm in AIM office.
  19. Secretariat and chair decided that communication should be free between secretariat and board with the CC Culture to the E.D
  20. S shared a 2nd option of a web developer (Rm 2,500) and approved by Gwen with an ETC of 1 month, hopefully.
  21. Global Standing (Poland) where V is part of tech group (1 Europe,1 South Africa) to review proposals and amendments for IS docs.
  22. Chair was invited to Austria’s board meeting and shared that each board member there takes turn chairing a meeting.
  23. To show the board handled issues on human behavior, chair will put resignation (V) in June 2018 and Nov 2017(M) and terminations(R/P) in Apr/May 2017 with NO names.
  24. Chair communicated death of P.
  25. Chair shared talk by N in Methodist college KL on AIM whereby V was the one who linked the both.
  26. Board unanimously decide to present Gwen a surprise gift from the board at the AGM 2018 to appreciate her and the gift is a holiday to Lombok Indonesia, possibly Oct/Nov 2018. Board members will chip in the cash where V will do the logistics.
  27. “Teh Tarik with chair” event attendees were D and J with others (total 12)
  28. Received K’s proposal to amend constitution in the AGM email address and some parts had discrimination on ethnicity/nationality that contradicts with IS and its core values and V will be replying him. A draft email was prepared with some amendments from board members after which was shot out.
  29. K refused to audit despite volunteering at AGM 2017 reasons being busy and states IA should be before external audit. He wants to discuss this at the AGM 2018. He does not respond to emails; therefore, phone calls are to be made to expedite matters. Board unanimously agreed P (ILG) to replace R for IA. P agreed to audit and his appointment letter was emailed mid-week of July 2018 and he came in for audit on 27/7/18. K will be handled by the next board as this took place suddenly (about 1 week before AGM 2018)
  30. Discussion on AGM 2018Have 2 polling boxes (interim 1 year replacing J and full-term 2 years for four positions) with 2 different nomination forms. J decided not to contest for the remaining 1 year.
  • Board unanimously agreed on the AGM 2018 agenda
  • EC committee are V(chair), P, J (co-opted in replacement of HD (ILG) as the he agreed to be replaced due to health)
  • Nomination candidates confirmed (C, K, N, R, A, JP and K). A was nominated for interim and accepted, therefore they won by incumbency. Voting will now take place for 4 full term board members with only 1 ballot box.
  • Board unanimously agreed to list out number of votes received for each candidate.
  • None of the candidates sent their profiles by 19/7/18 and Secretariat to call them for reminders.