Stop Torture

Have we allowed unimaginable cruelty become mundane?
Is torture being carried out in the shadows and the very same unimaginable horrors a reality for countless men, women and children around the world. In the past five years alone, Amnesty International has reported on torture or other ill-treatment in at least three quarters of the world’s countries. In many of them, torture is systemic and routine.


Not Alone Never Forgotten_2015 UN International Human Rights Day in Support of Victims of Torture – 26 June 2015. TAKE ACTION

World Torture Map Read about torture around the world – The Stop Torture Campaign

Torture_3 Torture is rife across the Asia-Pacific region, with China and North Korea among the worst offenders and a host of other governments, including Pakistan and India, betraying promises to stamp it out. READ MORE


AttitudesToTorture_pg6 A new global poll reveals that almost half of the world’s population still do not feel safe from torture. SEE FULL SURVEY REPORT

Torture Electric ShocksTorture methods recorded by Amnesty International vary from country to country and from region to region. During 2013-14, Amnesty International has recorded at least 27 methods of torture used worldwide. This is not an exhaustive list. Some techniques have been used systematically for years, while some may be single incidents. READ MORE


The real Torture WheelOfficers in secret police detention cell in the Philippines play ‘torture roulette’ with inmates.
READ more about torture in the Philippines and how you can TAKE ACTION.

Contest : Stop Torture Video Contest

We are proud to announce and invite students of Malaysian universities/colleges to participate in our “Stop Torture video contest”. This contest is held in conjuction with Amnesty International Malaysia’s Stop Torture campaign. The grand prize winner will receive  RM2,000; the runner-up winner will receive RM 1,000 and the two (2) consolation prize winners will each receive RM500. The contest which ends on the 31st of August 2014.


Forum : People’s Parliament – Reforming the Royal Malaysian Police Force

A People’s Parliament forum attended by Members of Parliament N. Surendran and Steven Sim was held on 31 May 2014 at the Penang State Assembly Hall.  Tertiary students also played the roles of MPs debating the motion of setting up the IPCMC.

Forum : Time to Reform the Police Force Now

A Forum addressing the possible ways to reform the Police Force was held in March 2014. The four penalists and members of the public who attended the event were all in agreement that an IPCMC was necessary.