MALAYSIA: Jannie Lasimbang’s overturned acquittal


Attribution: Shamini Darshni Kaliemuthu, Executive Director, Amnesty International Malaysia. 
“Amnesty International Malaysia is disappointed by the Kota Kinabalu High Court’s verdict last Friday, 18 August 2017, in Jannie Lasimbang’s case, by overturning her acquittal. It is yet another example of the continued crackdown on dissent by the Malaysian authorities. The right to peaceful assembly is a fundamental human right a provided for by the Federal Constitution and under international human rights.
“Amnesty International Malaysia is also concerned about the continued, vindictive crackdown against leaders of the Bersih protest movement. Malaysian authorities have relentlessly investigated, intimidated and charged organizers and participants of the peaceful protest over the years using an array of restrictive laws. This must end immediately.
“Human rights defenders like Jannie Lasimbang must be recognised, protected and celebrated, not harassed and intimidated by the Malaysian authorities.”
  • Prominent woman human rights defender, Jannie Lasimbang was criminally charged 21 October 2015 under section 9(5) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, for  failure to provide the city police chief with a 10 day notice, carrying a maximum fine of RM 10,000 (USD 2350), for the Bersih protest for clean and fair elections, that took place in August 2015.
  • She was discharged and acquitted by the Kota Kinabalu, Sabah’s magistrate court in December 2016. However the prosecutor appealed the acquittal to the High Court.
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