Summary of Board of Governance Meeting 6 December, 2017

1. A focal point for local groups to be in charge of printouts for newsletters, constitution, documents and others
to minimise printouts in accordance with Amnesty best practices on being environmental friendly.
2. Scouting for pro bono lawyers and people to assist in various governance reform through updating manuals/ protocols, and contributing event venues free of cost.
3. Board will look into forming a disciplinary and/or grievance committee.
4. All members agree to have a digital recorded library of minutes and make public a summary of the minutes.
5. All members agree to have a roadmap to reform as suggested by Anjhula.
6. Anjhula will draw up trainings and encourage all members (board and non board members) to participate whereby they are
assigned according to specialty /interest.
7. Activity chart for BOG participation will be put up by Anjhula.
8. Cheque signatory will be changed accordingly as the Constitution of AIMAL changes.
9. Upgrading and revision to projects, documents, manuals of a task (constitution, election) will be embarked upon through O&M Consultants sdn bhd(company’s secretary)
10. Board member replacement will be sought external with no voting rights.
11. Operational budget 2018 approved
12. Arts for Grab event (three board members volunteered)
13. BOG to send appointment letters to the internal auditors as voted by the membership.
14. Member appreciation night event (four board members attended)
15. Separate official email access for board committee members ready, in the interest of transparency, historical documentation and for future board’s reference.
16. Board induction date confirmed for 28/1/18.
17. ‘G’ has been appointed as official Executive Director in replacement of ‘S’ on a temporary basis based on a successful interview process from amongst other candidates.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Anjhula Mya Singh Bais
Chair, Board of Governance