Summary of Board of Governance Meeting 2 May, 2018

Board of Governance 2017/2018

Minutes of 2nd optional BOG meeting

Date and Day: 2 May 2018, Wednesday

Time: 7-10pm

Venue: Amnesty International Malaysia, D-2-33A,8 Avenue, Jln Sungai Jernih 8/1, Section 8, 46050 Petaling Jaya Selangor.

Attendees via Skype: P and S

In person: Anjhula, D, V, J, G

Absentee: VT


  • Anjhula called the meeting at 7:25pm.
  • Guidelines for Internal Auditors will be fine-tuned and sent to Eira.
  • Code of conduct for membership attending press conference is ready to be rolled and will be uploaded onto the website too.
  • Membership agreement and toolkit to be made for online registration.
  • CLG for Aimal is in process.
  • Unanimously agreed that the focus section in our website on the board is only featuring the Chair.
  • J updated on youth strategy. He did research and proposed that elements of Australia and Mongolia are used because of AIM’s lack
  • of youth initiative structure. The secretary requested a discussion for the next agenda due to time constraint.
  • Any other businesses(AOB):
  1. Proposal to introduce the board members and their portfolios following an AGM and to be included in the agenda as well. The office bearers and committee members should be elected under the boards’ discretion and inform the membership before the AGM ends.
  2. V proposed implementation of a declaration for nominees running for BOG to have some allocation of voluntary work hours for AI, that nominees must be available to be participate in meetings anytime. This was seconded by D.
  3. P created an unauthorised AI Whatsapp group and the board agreed to terminate the membership with AI because P is also running for the general election and might misuse AI in endeavor as in the past. This termination alog with papework and evidence will be made available to all membership should they ask. A second attempt to deliver the show cause letter via courier service will be done. A letter to inform P on the termination with reasons will be made too.
  4. A letter to R stating the board cannot accept a handwritten explanation of the show cause letter with D’s number as an Appeal Committee so that both of them can meet in person and get things cleared as the handwriting was difficult to decipher.
  • Meeting ended 10.45pm

Prepared by,

Preethi Bhardwaj (Secretary)

Verified by,

Dr. Anjhula M. Bais(Chair)