Summary of Board of Governance Meeting 21 April, 2018

Board of Governance 2017/2018

Minutes of 3rd meeting

Date and Day: 21 April 2018, Saturday

Time: 10am-2pm

Venue: Amnesty International Malaysia, D-2-33A,8 Avenue, Jln Sungai Jernih 8/1, Section 8, 46050 Petaling Jaya Selangor.

Attendance: Full attendance of the whole board and the interim ED


  • Meeting called at 10.10am followed by welcome speech by the Chair.
  • Jeron(co-opted 7th board member) introduced himself as this was his first board meeting.
  • Chair’s traveling dates 25-28/5/18(THAI), 5-9/7/18(Poland). Mode to communicate are email and Whatsapp.
  • AIM logo rebranding with “Malaysia” name on the AI logo if its Malaysia related. The new AI logo will be reflected on all letterheads, merchandise, buntings, signboards, etc.
  • Election committee(6) with unanimous vote  for 2 observers and 1 consultant for AGM
  • A press release statement on F.O.E(Freedom of expression) may be launched after country’s election.
  • Board approved the 2017 annual report and 1st quarter 2018 report.
  • S presented proposal for campaign on FB and Instagram for AI.
  • Membership growth video of AI presented by S
  • Any other Business(AOB) discussed during working lunch hour are:
  1. Board voted to have a member appreciation (cert, etc.) for founding and contributing members. (six agree, one dissent).
  2. Board agreed that we co-opt 2nd auditor in replacement of R.
  3. Board agreed, with the consultation of external AI, of the expulsion of P from AIM because of the large amount of material evidencing breaches of the constitution and improper behavior.

Discussions and decisions made via Whatsapp application were:

  1. P was sent a show cause letter via postal mail returned to office as “unclaimed”. Chair called P on 24/4/18 and found out that the home address was incomplete but they had received notice via email. They agreed to email their address update so the board could repost the letter.
  2. Code of conduct for membership attending press conference and for Internal auditors are sent out to be read by members before optional board meeting. Further fine tuning to be done for the internal auditors part.
  3. R has been removed from two Whatsapp groups (membership and committee) by Preethi.
  4. R has yet to receive his show cause letter via post delivery as per the courier service system. Letter was posted 17/4/18 and it is been 10 days of processing.

Prepared by Secretary

Preethi Bhardwaj

Approved by Chair

Dr. Anjhula Mya Singh Bais