Amnesty International Malaysia

Board of Governance 2017/2018

Minutes of 4th meeting

Date and Day: 24 June 2018, Sunday

Time: 10am-3pm

Venue: Amnesty International Malaysia, D-2-33A, 8 Avenue, Jln Sungai Jernih 8/1, Section 8, 46050 Petaling Jaya Selangor.

Mission- to undertake study and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression and freedom from discrimination within the context of its work promote all human rights.

Item Agenda minutes
1 Meeting called at 10.10am followed by welcome speech by the Chair. The meeting was digitally recorded.
2 Board exceeded the 2/3 majority needed and voted unanimously to offer V an ‘absence of leave’ for two months until the AGM due to his complete negligence in fulfilling responsibility as a board member including on R and P’s termination letters. A formal complaint was filed by the chair in alignment with the HR procedures, including offering evidence. The leave of absence was rejected by V. V made a lengthy repetitive statement including stating “that because they was elected by the membership, they could sleep if they wanted to and there was nothing the board could do”. The board rejected their counter off and voted them off. V tendered a resignation letter by email on 24/6/18 to the chair which was acknowledged and went into effect immediately.
3 P received the termination letter second time via courier. Chair used a different address as the sender. R has also received his termination letter. AIM to consider Erdogan’s influence to release Tanner.
4 AGM 2018 matters-notice sent, nomination form being amended, candidate has to be a member in AI for minimum 1 year. AGM committee email ( [email protected]) will be created for issues pertaining to AGM and consists of V, P and P. Six people to be on the EC panel (V, P, P, R (observer), A and J as consultants. Chair will draft expectations, roles and responsibilities (vision statement) as a BOG member for board nominees with biodata of candidates to be 250 words only. 5 positions vacant (4 for 2-year period and 1 for a year).
5 G accepted Rohingya memorandum and sent to SEAPRO for further action.
6 Chair requested all to read on Thailand regional conference in the newsletter.
7 Constitution to be updated to have a mandatory youth member in the board.
8 V and D opposed of possible SEAPRO office in kl in terms of conflict of operations, accountability and other matters. Chair will enlighten further.
9 Chair will email board on status of documents amendments.
10 Gwen will update on press release statement on FOE that was supposed to be launched after the county’s election after which the fake news bill was scrapped by new government.
11 Chair will email board on the guidelines (volunteering amount, membership period) on member appreciation for founding and contributing members.
12 Board is still looking for the best candidate to be co-opted replacing R as an internal auditor.
13 Fine tuning of Code of Conduct for internal auditors and will be emailed to board.
14 P to update on video project of founding/contributing members of AI from ILG.
15 V will email board on membership toolkit.
16 V proposed to have a ROS panel set up to handle changes in AIM operation, ROS, constitution consultation, etc. before AGM and panel was set up consisting V, K, E, and HD.
17 V will email board on 1st quarter 2018 accounts and tax payable.
18 S updated section on board in website and website developer’s quotation is high (RM13,000).
19 As transition for ED returning, board unanimously vote S to return as ED and discussed the process of handover, a different working environment etc.
20 J emailed board on youth strategy where C (as 3rd party approach) for her experience and dedication to AIM. Process and approaches are being stated in the email. Board will be getting email on the draft qualitative survey for further approval to be used as a tool to get feedback from public.
21 Meeting adjourned at 2.20pm.

Prepared by Secretary

Approved by Anjhula