Amnesty International Malaysia

1st Board of Governance Meeting

Date                    : 16 August 2018

Time                    : 8-9pm

Venue                 : Skype call


  1. A
  2. D
  3. K
  4. C
  5. N
  6. A


  1. Using Slack

The Board has agreed to download and utilise Slack for efficiency. All members are to familiarise themselves with the app. D can assist with technical support.

  1. Handover of Executive Directorship

The Board has agreed that G is to handover to S in January 2019, contingent on her contract. A said she would look and revert. In the event that the contract ends in January, the board agreed to remunerate S for the days she spends looking over the Operational Budget.

  1. Positions of Board Members:

Chair                                  : A

Vice-Chair                         : D

Secretary                          : KN

Youth Strategy                 : AS

Creative Strategy             : N & C

It was agreed that A will be speaking to RG as to whether he would be interested in joining the Board as a Treasurer consultant to advise, monitor, and present on the finances with no voting rights.

The outgoing and incoming expenses of AI will be handled by the Secretariat, monitored by the Board.

  1. Minutes

All major decision shall be included in minutes along with attendance as to whom have attended and abstained.

20.08.2018 WhatsApp by A:

General Housekeeping:

  1. Emails by the Chair (which will usually come in on Sundays) will be labelled on when to initiate action by level of urgency.
  2. All members are urged to download Slack so that documents can be uploaded.
  3. As a general principle, the more the Board has its pulse on ground and on the movement, the better. Therefore, the aim is to have at least one Board Member attend Amnesty activities and taking action when Nicole sends them. Not mandatory but good practice. Part of our KPI and is reported at the AGM.
  4. G and E are aboard for training. N is Acting Director.

In reply:

N has agreed to attend the upcoming Walk in Nature activity which will be held on 25.08.2018.

23.08.2018 WhatsApp by A

  1. RG has committed to being an on-top-of-it Consultant financially and is aware of his duties and his non-voting rights.
  2. Board is to give their free dates for Induction. J from the East region office will be conducting the event.
  3. G’s contract ends on October, and not January 2019 as initially discussed. We return to the question of when and how the handover is done between G and S and as a Board whether to extend G’s paid contract to January.

27.08.2018 WhatsApp by A

  1. All members have confirmed availability for Induction on 23rd Sept 2018.
  2. If confirmed, a 2 hour Board Meeting will be added as it will be the first time the Board will be sitting down together.
  3. If there is silence and no answer on questions, it will be considered as acceptance of the issue at hand.

Dated this 06.09.2018.

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Amnesty International Board of Governance

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Dr. Anjhula Bais

Chair, Amnesty International Board of Governance