DATE                  : 21st March 2019

TIME                   : 7-8.30PM

VENUE               : Amnesty International Malaysia,
                               D-2-33A, 8 Avenue Section 8, Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1,
                               Seksyen 8 Petaling Jaya, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


  1. Anjhula   
  2. D
  3. K
  4. C                
  5. AS
  6. S


To undertake study and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression and freedom from discrimination within the context of its work promote all human rights.



1. Finances

S informed the Board that she signs off on the annual budget and all expenses. Based on the Finance Manual, there is a need to obtain 3 quotations before a decision is made in any aspect including location of an event.

2. Human rights policy

Anjhula informs that the HR policy was drafted and finalised last year pro bono and can now be utilised by the Secretariat.

3. Christchurch rally

C asked S to clarify as to the reason the Christchurch shooting was given focus when the Amsterdam shooting was not given any attention by AI to which S explained that AI New Zealand had reached out for global support following the Christchurch incident.

4. Taipei Regional Meeting

Anjhula and S will be attending the meeting from 11th-12th Apr 2019.

5. South Africa Global Assembly

K has been nominated to attend the event from 2nd-4th Aug 2019.


6. Annual General Meeting 2019

The Board has decided that the AGM this year will be held in Ipoh, Perak on 17th Aug 2019.


7. Update Constitution

D to incorporate all amendments from the last AGM into the constitution and update by end of April 2019.

8. Youth Camp

AS and D to meet and discuss of plans to hold a Youth Camp before the AGM this year. C offered to provide input on skill-building and upscaling.

9. National Youth Strategy

AS to liase with N and J before submitting at the next BOG meeting.

10. Audit

After In-Tune has had their discussion with the Secretariat on the management accounts, the Board will have to peruse the accounts, after which the accounts will be handed over to an external auditor. S will advise on timelines.  R to peruse the accounts on behalf of the Board.


11. YPO

Anjhula met with MT, president of YPO who has shown interest in collaborating on human rights issues.

C suggested that we engage in dialogue with young professionals by capitalising on corporate social responsibility.

12. Standard Operating Procedures

C offered to help the Secretariat outline SOPs for the processes from ideation to execution and day-to-day operations of the Secretariat.

13. Local Group Minutes

S asked that the Local Groups update her about upcoming Committee Meetings and events. To understand the pulse on the ground, all minutes are to be forwarded to S.

14. Local Chapters

K asked for the operational guidelines relating to the Local Chapters to determine if there is a cooling-off period for committees. D and Anjhula to revert.

15. Mediation Training for Ipoh Local Group

As part of efforts to upscale the membership, K suggested that a conflict resolution training be conducted for the Ipoh Local Group. Anjhula is working on the details and execution of the training.

16. Constitution

Anjhula asked if the Constitution empowers the Board to put mechanisms in place without having to wait until the next AGM. D to revert once amendments are incorporated.

17. Monthly reports

The January and February 2019 operations reports were sent to the Board via email. S to work on reconfiguring the format to better suit the needs of the current Board.


18. Driving conversations

Anjhula suggested that we engage universities and also get interns to help the Board with mandates and policies.


19. Secretariat staff bonuses

17.12.2018: The Board weighed in on determining staff bonuses as the Secretariat did not have a performance metric and there were no written comments on staff performance for the year, therefore leading to the discussion of SOPs at the 5th BOG meeting.

20. 2019 Budget

19.12.2018: The Board was presented with the 2019 budget from the Secretariat. NS went through the budget and has agreed to work with S on the M&E documents after considering the allocation of funds for the various campaigns.

21. Misrepresentation Clause

19.12.2018: Anjhula informed that a misrepresentation clause drafted by C is to be added to all membership sign-up forms, a move pushed for by the previous Board.

22. Gift for Ritz

19.02.2019: The Board agreed to purchase a yellow Amnesty saree designed by Anjhula to be presented to RL of AI Phillipines at the regional meeting in Taipei for his invaluable assistance.

23. Signatory

19.02.2019: C agreed to act on behalf of the Board as a signatory to counter-sign any cheque over RM2000.00 as a check and balance to the Secretariat. D is the other signatory.

24. N’s resignation

08.03.2019: The Board accepted N’s resignation.

25. Threats against Shamini

19.01.2019: Anjhula informed the Board that D has accompanied S to lodge a police report as she was issued death and rape threats after speaking out on the abdication of the throne by the Sultan. The Board sent their words of comfort and support.

26. Chair & ED Meetings

28.01.2019 and 18.03.2019: Anjhula updated the Board that D and Anjhula had met up with S.

27. Secretariat and Financial Statements

21.02.2019 : R had responded and clarified the Secretariat and Financial statements on behalf of the Board.

28. New Activism Campaigner

23.02.2019: Anjhula informs that the new Activism Campaigner will be joining in March 2019.

29. Young Global Leaders

Anjhula is listed as one of the Young Global Leaders alongside YB Syed Saddiq and Yeo Bee Yin from Malaysia.

30. European Regional Meeting

24.03.2019: Anjhula has been asked to present over Skype at the Amnesty European regional meeting which is to be held on 28.03.2019 and asked the Board to weigh in on the Malaysian section’s success stories.

Dated this 27.03.2019.

Prepared by,                                                                    

Kalai Nilaa
Amnesty International Board of Governance

Verified by,

Dr. Anjhula Mya Singh Bais
Chair, Amnesty International Malaysia