(BFM Interview) #LawanIntimidasi: Why We Need To Protect Whistleblowers

Activist Heidy Quah was charged today for her Facebook post that was made last year, which highlighted conditions at immigration centres. Many netizens have since criticised the charge on the basis that it silences activists. We first look into the details of the case with Amnesty Malaysia. Then, we discuss the culture of whistleblowing in Malaysia. Finally, we look into laws on the protection of whistleblowers.

“It is really chilling that instead of investigating the allegations of harm and abuse, authorities chose to react with classic intimidation tactics…the govt will apparently use its resources, energy, and time to shut down expressions of truth, instead of cleaning out the rot.”

7:07: What are your thoughts on the charges laid out against Heidy?

8:50: Could you explain to use the issue that was posted about last year?

11:40: The charge was specifically Section 233 of the CMA. What is the significance of this?

13:09: Could you contextualise where the social media campaign and opposition is coming from?

15:28: Have we heard anything from the authorities in response to the campaign?

16:21: How has the relationship between activists and authorities been like?

18:51: How do incidents like this affect the work of other activists and NGOs?

“As Malaysians, we need to ask, why does the government persist in punishing us for sharing our stories, experiences, and shedding light on harm–instead of addressing the elements of harm?”